Saturday, March 25, 2017

An Unusual MLC

Our Mission Leadership Council was much different this month.
Building on team unity, our Zone Leaders took President on a
hike. They went to the Drakensburg Mountains.

 A little rain at first forced them to stay inside to read
scriptures and talk about our upcoming Zone Conferences.

 Singing hymns always invites the spirit at our meetings.

 Rain has stopped and it's time to hike!

 Some of our leaders decided to welcome others under
the arch of arms!

 The hike is meant to be a team building experience,
besides enjoy the beauty of this area!

 Stops along the way included spiritual thoughts regarding
the themes of the upcoming Zone Conferences!

 More spiritual messages!

President said that the leaders interacted well with one
another - there was great camaraderie, unity, and
opportunities for team building! So proud of these Elders!