Thursday, March 30, 2017

Inspiring Story in Madadeni

As President Thompson was conducting missionary interviews in Newcastle today, I had the privilege of talking with a few of our Elder's as they were waiting for their turn. There are lots of inspiring stories, but thought I would share this one. It is from Elder Hansen and Elder Jeri who are serving in Madadeni:

A lady came to the Madadeni Ward a couple of weeks ago because she knew a church member. Elder Hansen and Elder Jeri met with her and taught her about the Restoration. A few days later, they went to her home (yesterday) to teach her, but beforehand they asked if she had read the pamphlet, and if she had prayed about it.

She said that she did read the pamphlet and she prayed before going to sleep to know if this church was true. She said that she had a dream and hoped the Elders could help her understand her dream. She said that she dreamed she was being baptized by someone with the last name of Brown. The Elders asked if she knew anyone with that name. She said she had met an older gentleman a couple of months ago by that name, and she believed it was the same man who baptized her in the dream. Elder Brown lives in the neighboring town of Newcastle, and is President Thompson's counselor in the mission!.

She then explained that two angels came down and placed their hands on her head. She wondered if the missionaries could explain this part of her dream since she didn't know what it meant.

Elder Hansen and Elder Jeri told me they had not yet taught her about baptism, or about receiving the holy ghost. However, this was their opportunity to explain about baptism and being confirmed.

After they explained baptism and receiving the gift of the holy ghost, she expressed her deep gratitude and believed that she had received an answer to her prayers as the taught her.  She is already planning for baptism the end of April!

President Thompson and I believe that the spirit is being poured out in abundance here with the advent of a new temple scheduled to open next year in Durban. More than thirty investigators came to church (none were the result of a specific invitation) in the last two weeks. I also believe that it was not a coincidence we were received by the Prince this past week. I'm convinced that all of these things are coming together to open the doors of heaven as the temple is being built!

For the past week, President and I have been changing our prayers slightly (thanks to the suggestion by our star office couple, the Wood's) in that we not only pray for our missionaries to find those people who are prepared to receive the gospel, but we are also praying for those who are prepared to find our missionaries!

It is an honored blessing to take part in a small way to help bring the gospel to South Africa. It is really the result of our wonderful missionaries. We love and appreciate them immensely!