Monday, March 27, 2017

A Royal Week

I had the privilege of attending a meeting with several of
the brethren from Durban to meet with the Zulu Prince,
Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi.  Next week we will have
the opportunity to meet the Zulu King. It's a royal week
for us!

 Our places at the table. Yes, they misspelled my first name,
but that's okay. It happens a lot with my name! (Leesa)

 We are placing folders with valuable information at each of the chairs. 
For example, information about Mormon temples, self-reliance, and
education programs. Members of the Senate and ANC goverment 
will also be in attendance!

 Our church brethren waiting for the Prince!  

 I was honored to be the only female representative of
the church. I had the opportunity to briefly explain about
the Relief Society!

 The Prince gave each of us a signed book of his autobiography!

 I felt fortunate to meet this kind and humble man. He spoke to us
about family values. His thoughts and words sounded
just like a church member!

 We actually gave him a beautiful carved wooden box
that contained leather-bound scriptures with his
name engraved on them. He just happened to pick up
this book!

 The Prince grabbed my arm and escorted me to the food table 
and said "ladies first". He genuinely is one of the nicest men 
I've ever met! We are hoping he will come to the temple
dedication next year!

This woman is powerful! She is the Secretary of State of 
South Africa. She and I had a wonderful chat. She was
very gracious and dignified. She said she loves listening
to the Tabernacle Choir and hopes they will someday
come to South Africa. That would be amazing! 


  1. What an incredible opportunity! So exciting and humbling I'm sure. I can't wait to see your experience with the King.

  2. I am so thankful for you sharing these amazing exerpienes!!!