Friday, March 3, 2017

Hillcrest Zone Conference

Leadership meeting just prior to Zone Conference!

 Waiting for Conference to start!

 Time for pictures and lunch!

 Our Zone Leaders were phenomenal! This zone had everything set up before President and I arrived!
They also invited investigators, less actives, and members in the afternoon so the missionaries could practice what they had learned in the conference! It was superb!

 Hillcrest Zone

 Elder Lisonbee is part of a trio

 Elder Hamilton

 Elder Ottley

 Subway sandwiches were a huge hit!

 Elder Knutsen

 Elder Bringgold gave a remarkable presentation and conducted our meeting.

 Elder Parson has amazing insights

 Elder Christensen has a great smile!

 Elder Nyiranda is our only Elder to go home next transfer.

 Elder Lisonbee and Elder Dean

 Elder LaHue is a valiant and remarkable missionary!

 Elder Smith gave us some wonderful new insights to ponder!

 Elder Knight was a great contributor

 Elder Mcopela (I still don't have the "clicks" down...the letter "C" has a click sound!)

 Elder Marshall is bringing his area back!

 Elder Knutsen has great comments.

Elder Diehl gave a great presentation. 
We are blessed to have so many fabulous Elders! 


  1. Words can not describe how much I love following your blog about the mission. The pictures you take of the missionaries are priceless, especially when there is one of my very own missionary. Thank you from one mom to another for the time you put into posting pictures and events!!

  2. I'm glad you like the blog. Some of our missionaries aren't able to send photos and don't always have the means to email each week, so I'm glad to help out those moms (and families) get a glimpse of what their missionaries are doing. Elder Knutsen is doing a fantastic job and is a great example to many of the others! We love him! He gave some great insights at our Zone Conference. The missionaries often teach me as they share their perspectives.

  3. Thanks for the update!! It's always so wonderful to see our Elder Smith!!

  4. Oh! And how fun to put a face with a name of Nick's companion Elder Mcopela!!

  5. We had a great zone conference. Elder Smith gave great comments to ponder with significant insights! We appreciate his dedication and work in serving as a faithful missionary! We love him!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the missionary cradling the subway sandwich!!! That is awesome sauce.