Thursday, March 23, 2017


We had transfers Wednesday! Several missionaries are going to new
areas! Always an exciting time for transitions!

 The early morning bus getting ready!

 There's where the breakfast burritos went that
were supposed to go with the bused Elders! hmmmmm!
Silly boys eating in the bunk house!

 One of our new missionaries, Elder Jeri, got a very early morning start - perhaps he is 
looking for a place to put his luggage! (or maybe he's looking for his
breakfast burrito!)  :)

 We also have missionaries in our Districts leaving Durban to serve other
parts of the world. Elder Mapetla is from Lesotho. President Thompson
has the privilege of setting him apart as a missionary before flying out
to the MTC.

 Waiting for new companions!

 Elder Pentreath trying on our Lesotho hat, with Elder Ngulube

 Elder Mulabe

 Elder Christensen is going to a new area.

 Elder Eastmond waiting for his new companion!

 Elder Bateman

 Elder Marshall

 Elder Chico

 Elder Pentreath without the hat!

 Elder Thorsen is going to a new area!

 Our final group of the day!

 Elder Moore and Elder Weiler

 Elder Waeni and Elder Moore

 Elder Isoba and Elder Simonson in the background (they aren't sick, just goofing off),
and of course Elder Moore again!

 I got a photo of Elder Legas just before Elder Moore stepped in!

 There he is again! 

And again with Elder Liechty. We're going to start calling
Elder Moore the photo crasher! He made it a lot of fun!
Such great missionaries!


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this blog!! It's always so fun playing "where's Waldo" looking for a glimpse of our boy!! Thanks for taking such good care of the elders!!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a goofball my son is! So fun to see he hasn't lost his sense of fun and adventure. Thanks for making my day.