Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lesotho District Conference

The Chandlers are going to be missed! They have been such a fantastic missionary couple, and have made a huge impact in Lesotho!

 Speakers at the Saturday session.

 Our missionaries greeted members as they went into the chapel.

 Some of our Lesotho Elders.

 The congregation is filling in.

 President and I spoke on service.

 President Johns is President Thompson's counselor in the mission.

 Another one of our faithful missionaries.

 These girls wondered where Nicole was! They all said "hi Nicole" as I snapped this photo.

 Our District President of Lesotho is a great leader.

 One of our British missionaries!

 Great group!

The chapel in Lesotho!

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  1. I love seeing my Elder Russell so happy! Thank you for posting!