Sunday, July 9, 2017

Durban Zone Conference

Durban Zone Conference at the Berea Chapel

 Cleanest boarding awards! Way to go Elders!
Elders Moore, Hamilton, Chaparadza, Marshall, Rakotomalala

 Elder Shraedel teaching us

 Lunch is a favorite part of the conference!


Mexican burritos!

 Elder Hauck and Chaparadza

 Elders Chaparadza, Hauck, Mnisi, Rakotomalala, Shraedel, Merritt

 Elders Harper, Moore, Knutsen

 Elders Harper, Vaughn

 Elder and Sister Wood are the providers of
our wonderful lunch! With Elder Merritt

 Elder Moore teaching

Elder Mnisi

The theme of this conference was Finding with Joy!

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  1. Ah! His last Zone Conference! Thanks for posting so many pictures of the boys. It's so fun to see them at work. (And play.)