Sunday, July 9, 2017


Our Mission Leadership Council begins on a Thursday evening.
The Zone Leaders from across the mission come to the mission home
and make a team dinner. I divide them into five groups where one
makes a main dish, one group make dessert, and the others
side dishes. I set out the ingredients and let them create.

Before we eat, we talk about how our mission is like the teams
making the dinner. The ingredients are the gospel principles. 
The missionaries are put into companionships (or teams) 
to use those ingredients,and as a collective whole, 
we all benefit and are nourished!

 Elder Jantjies, Beck, and Takau waiting for the meal
to finish cooking!

 A young man from the Hillcrest Ward made this fidget
spinner and gave it to one of the missionaries. It works just like the real ones!

 Elders Schraedel, Takau, and Smith

 We have great chefs!

 Some of our Elders volunteer to make breakfast before
our meeting begins at 7:30 AM

 Elder Ottley making bacon

 Our MLC Meeting in conference room in the bunkhouse

 Lunch on the patio
Elders Sibanda, Hansen, Diehl, Schraedel

 A former missionary stopped by, Elder Smith! We love that he
stopped by!

 Elder Hansen, Diehl

Elder Lowe, Elder Smith

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  1. Thanks for the pics!! I love seeing my boy!!