Friday, July 14, 2017

Hillcrest/Richards Bay Zone Conference

Another successful Zone Conference with Hillcrest
and Richards Bay Zones.

 Missionaries prepare to be uplifted and edified.

 I'm not sure what they were sharing, but I took advantage
of taking their photo! Love seeing this from our missionaries.
These two, Elders Mcopela and Lubamba will be going home
next transfer!

 Missionaries love lunch break!
Elders Rasmussen, Knight, Phillips

 Richards Bay Zone

 Hillcrest Zone

 Back: Elders Mcopela, Jantjies
Front: Knight, Phillips, Bringgold, Varner

 Elders Varner, Liechty, and Elder Petersen

 Elder Lowe taught us! Our theme was Finding with Joy

 We have great participation from our wonderful Elders!

 Birthdays are President Thompson, Elder Parson, and Sister Petersen

 Elder Smith is power!

 Elder Rasmussen is one of our missionaries going home.
They take a minute to bear testimony for their last
Zone Conference!

 Elder Woodland will also be leaving us!

 We will also miss Elder Knight

 And Elder Mcopela

 And sweet Elder Wright!

 Elder Lubamba

 We will miss Elder Dean playing piano!

 Elder Smith

 President Thompson and Elder Woodland

 Elder Franson

 Elder Woodland and Elder Varner

 These fine missionaries will be finishing their missions in a couple of weeks!
Elders Rasmusson, Wright, Woodland, Knight, Mcopela, Lubamba, and Dean

Elder Lubamba and Mcopela


  1. You got a pic of him smiling!! Thanks again for posting updates I love all the updates on all the missionaries (but especially minešŸ˜Š)

  2. I love all the pictures. Next week my missionary will be joining you. Elder Abel is coming with a big group. I can't wait for you to meet him. Thank you for your service.

    1. We are excited to have Elder Abel! His photo is displayed on our missionary board, and we are making plans for his arrival on Tuesday! We have a full day planned, topped off with dinner and a testimony meeting at the mission home! I try to take photos when we meet at the airport and throughout the day. I will try to post them as soon as possible, as I know you will be eager to see his first day in Durban. That evening, he will also receive his first assigned area! Sister Thompson

    2. Thank you. That is so exciting. Have a wonderful weekend.