Thursday, July 27, 2017

Transfers in July

We had a lot of transfers this time! We had at least 50 missionaries
come to the mission home throughout the day! I truly love these young men!
I'm a proud mission mom!

 Elders Speranza, Varner

 Elders Vaughn, Winkworth, Liechty

 Elders Pentreath, Dooley, Gehlbach, Knutsen, Harper

 Elders Parson, Ekirita, Gehlbach

 Just a few pieces of luggage!

 Elder Dean! We are going to miss you!

 Elder Hansen - we will miss you too! Elder Sibanda

 We love our missionaries!

 Elder Trapnell will be Elder Youngman's trainer! Elder Allen

 So wonderful to see these missionaries at the mission home!

 Elder Simonson you are going to be missed!

 Elder Dooley

 Missionaries love to eat!

 A few minutes to kill!

 Our missionaries always clean up

District missionary leaving for the MTC tomorrow!

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  1. So very grateful for this incredible blog. How fun it is to see big smiles on all these missionaries (my son included)! Incredible to just think about how wonderful the next 2 years of service will be for him and the rest of these fine missionaries. Makes me want to put my papers in again!