Thursday, July 27, 2017

Departing Elders July 2017

Lots of emotions on departing day!

 Saying goodbye!

 Zone Leaders arriving to say goodbye to departing Elders
and get ready for our Team Dinner and MLC

 Elder Rowe goes back to England!

 Our wonderful Elders that are departing today!
Front: Rowe, Simonson, Pentreath, Knight, Woodland, Wright, Dean
Back: Henley, Woodland, Hansen, Lubamba

 Departing Elders and Zone Leaders!

 We have the best missionaries in the world!

 There are mixed emotions in saying goodbye!

 Elder Knight

 Until we meet again!

 Elder Winkworth will return to England!

 Arriving at the airport!
This is our second group leaving today!

 Elder Hansen

 Checking in at the airport!

 Checking luggage

 Checked in, got tickets, and a group picture before heading to the gate!
Elders: Lubamba, Moore, Hansen, Knight, Dean, Simonson, Woodland, Wright

 One final photo!
Woodland, Moore, Lubamba, Dean, Hansen, Wright, Knight, Simonson

I couldn't help the tears! We LOVE these missionaries and
though its hard to say goodbye, we look forward to many
interactions with them throughout their lives!
We are always a missionary family!!!

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